How To Make Rooti – In Home Just 5 Minutes

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How To Make Rooti – In Home Just 5 Minutes:  The Making Of Rooti Is Not an Difficult Work For Asian Women’s. In this Post I Will Discuss With You How To make The Rooti At Your Home, If You Not Know How To made it So read this Content At last And give us Your feedback.

Making Of Rooti Recipe is Very Easy for Asian Women’s Especially or The Pakistani And Indian Women’s. But In West Countries Women’s & Ladies Are Not Know About Rooti What is Rooti How To Make Rooti. So in Ths whoe Article We are talk On The Rooti.

Rooti is an Asian Food Main Irem And This is Mostly eating In The Pakistanies And Indiean Countries. Mosty Peopels Are Eating Rooti In 3 Times in a Whole as a Meal. Because Its very Energetic For those peoples Who Works Very hard Especially In fields or Crops. You Already Know About It the farmers Duty is Very Difficut, So that’s why asian aare very Likely To Eat ThisRooti.

Now In Wester Countries Peoples Are Wnat To eat the rooti. So the recipe Of Rooti Making is easy. Now Here i am Show You All the basic Ingrediets For makig this recipe.

Ingridients Of Makig the Rooti

For Making the Rooti, You Need To Some basic Items For preparing. May You have already those iteams Are found In your home For Making this Rooti recipe. All the Ingrediets are listed below Here You can read All.

  • Atta / Flore 2 Cups.
  • Water 1 & Half Cup.
  • Salt half tea Spon.

These Are the Only three main Items That Are We Using In the making Of Rooti. Befre Starting the Cooking you Need To Complete All these Ingredients. Then Start’s Cooking. Now Lets go to Discuss the Cooking method Or How To Ready the Ingredients.

Cooking Of Rooti

The Cooking Of rooti is difficult For the West Countries Peoples. Because In West Not Eat this Item in good Amunt Compare Then asian Countries.

  1. When You Start The Cooking you need to Must be prepare the All the Ingrediesnts Of Rooti. First You need to Mix all the Ingrediets With Each Other. And Put Water In the Ata Flore.
  2. Now mixing This Whole Ata When It got Changed Into the form Of Rubber. If Your mixture is Changes in The Form Of rubber so It Identifies that Your mixture Of rooti is Ready.
  3. Now Take The Mixture On Small Pieces called the Pera.
  4. After take some Raw Ata and through On the Your Mixture Pera. After That Press Your Ata mixture With the Some Roling thing.
  5. When your Ata mixture form Into the Very Slim round Circule. Its Point To be noted that You mixture is Able For Cooking On tawa.
  6. Nw take an tawa And Heat up On the Fire With high temperature. When You feels that Your tawa is Heated Full then Put you Slim Round Circule Of Ata mixture on the tawa.
  7. After Putting On tawa Your Ata Mixture See the Back Side if The Rooti back Side is Backed then Change Its Positon.
  8. When Both Sides of your Rooti is Flly baccked then Take Off Your rooti From Tawa.

These Are the Some most basic And seful steps For making the Rooti At Your Home Easily. If You Follow my these Instrustions Samly Then i guranteed You can Make the Rooti very easily.

How To Make Roti At Home in 5 Minutes

How To Make Roti At Home in 5 Minutes

Conclusion Of Rooti Recipe

I- Think this recie you Like ery Much About How To make Rooti. If this Post is useful And Informative For You S Please Share it With your friends And give me your feedback in the Comment Section Of this Blog post. thanking For Visting Blog Of recipies. All the Content is Written By the Ahsan.