How To Make Chicken Rice in Home

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How To Make Chicken Rice in Home:  In This Post, I’m Gone To Show you How To Make the very Simple Dish Of Chicken Rice In Home In Just 30 Minutes. If You Want To Know More About this Delicious Recipe Of the day. So read this Content At the Last And Give us Your response in Comments.

Many Peoples Are Not Know About the making Of Chicken Rice When I Start’s My Cooking career I’m Also Not Know About this Dish recipe. but when I Learn About It. Then I am Able To teach About this Topic So Don’t Worry this is not Too Difficult. it’s just Easy.

Chicken Rice Dish

They know that someone is a serious and great cook, tirelessly perfecting their recipes, even if the family has to eat the same dish over and over again. Sherie of Maameemoomoo is just that with her Hainanese Chicken Rice recipe, a popular dish in Malaysia and Singapore.

Maameemoomoo Food Blog is one of the finalists of the Singapore Blog Award; It entices with delicious recipes and great photography that will surely whet your appetite.

Please welcome Maameemoomoo in Rasa Malaysia with their perfect recipe for Hainanese Chicken Rice. Enjoy!

To be honest, some time ago in 2006, I learned about Rasa Malaysia from one of my favorite food blogs. In all these years, I’ve silently supported Bee without her knowing it, but now, um … not so silently anymore? 🙂

When Bee invited me to a guest post last month, I was thrilled, but a bit worried at the same time.

Recipe Of Chicken Rice

This is a chicken rice dish in Malaysia and Singapore, called Hainanese chicken rice. Simple and delicious chicken rice recipe. |


Just look at the bee’s recipe index. I doubt there is a Malaysian / Singaporean dish that has not yet been featured on Rasa Malaysia.

Fortunately, one of two suggestions for Bee was thrilled, and she agreed because she had not yet introduced this dish.

Hainanese chicken rice is a dish of Chinese origin most commonly associated with Hainanese Cuisine, Malaysian Cuisine, and Singapore Cuisine. It is based on the well-known Hainanese dish called Wenchang Chicken (文昌雞).

Do not be surprised if you find the chicken rice in Hainan, China is different from what you can find in Southeast Asia. Over the years, the Chinese Hainanese clan, who moved to Southeast Asia, was adopted, resulting in today’s Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore and Malaysia.

As a Hainanese, I often eat that when I grow up. My mother has that ultra-soft spot for this dish, maybe because it’s the only Hainanese dish she can spice up perfectly. Tee hee hee!

How To Make Chicken Rice in Home

How To Make Chicken Rice in Home

How do you define a good plate of chicken rice?

You may be shocked to know that each of us defines it differently. While a bowl of kick-ass rice works for me, some may think it’s the oh-so-delicate chicken pieces with their silky-smooth skin or some, it’s the unique chili sauce.

I say whatever works for you and that’s it.

This is a chicken rice dish in Malaysia and Singapore, called Hainanese chicken rice. Simple and delicious chicken rice recipe. |
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Because of my nonexistent chicken skill, I usually cut the chicken into only 4 sections and let the kids tear the meat off by itself.

Ever since I promised Bee that I would produce a decent-looking plate of chicken rice for her, my poor family had consumed chicken rice for nearly 5 weeks last month!

On my fifth try, I luckily managed to get a plate of OK chicken parts, and I thought that would be the end of my chicken-rice meal for the next 3 months, but you know what?

I have just received a request to cook this dish on Sunday for my partner’s family and his beloved sister, who would be returning from the States for a short vacation